C*Traffordgold is produced as a result of processing UK wheat to produce alcohol, starch and vital wheat gluten, all of which are used in the food and drink industry. It is a succulent, very palatable protein and energy feed and a good source of digestible fibre and starch. It is rich in inert yeast (produced from the on-site distillery) which help maintain rumen function, and is ideal for dairy production as its protein compliments forages. It has proven excellent fed to beef cattle and youngstock, is easy to store and incorporate into many feeding systems and has a fully traceable chain from the human food industry.

C*Traffordgold uses wheat mainly supplied direct from farm into Cargill’s Manchester refinery where it is coarsely milled to produce flour which is then mixed with water to liquefy it. This solution is then processed to separate vital wheat gluten from the various grades of starch, which are then either refined to produce a purer grade of starch (which is then mainly converted into glucose syrups) or sent to the on-site distillery as a fermentation stock. The distillery produces a liquid co-product that is high in inert yeast (an excellent source of both protein and energy and very rumen friendly) and this stillage is then mixed with a co-product from the initial glucose refinery (in itself a very good source of energy) to produce the highly nutritious and high dry matter moist feed known as C*Traffordgold.

Typical Nutritional Value of C*Traffordgold

Dry Matter % 50.00 Crude Protein %* 21.00
Oil %* 4.50 Fibre %* 6.50
ME MJ/kg* 13.40 Calcium %* 0.20
Phosphorous %* 0.80 Magnesium %* 0.29
Starch* 17.50 Sugars* 6.50
*expressed in the dry matter