Sugar Beet

Premium, Bettaflow and Plain Pellets are suitable for a wide range of stock. They are high in digestible fibre which helps promote stable rumen conditions and stimulates rumen development. Nearly 90% of the fibre is digestible for ruminants and pigs.

Sugar beet feed encourages the intake of less palatable feeds, can improve milk quality and is ready to use without milling or rolling.

Supaflow is made up of unground sugar beet fibre with added molasses (as are Premium and Bettaflow pellets) and a fine coating of palm oil. Supaflow has an additional advantage of being utilisable in a range of mechanical handling and feed systems and can be stored in bulk bins.

Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp is a moist feed based on sugar beet residue direct from the sugar industry. It is a very palatable, economical energy source which stimulates feed intake and can promote the intake of less palatable feeds. It can be used in complete diets or as a silage supplement when supplies are limited or quality is poor and makes an excellent buffer feed.

Grainbeet is a combination of Molassed Sugar Beet Feed (MSBF) and Brewers Grains. This is a highly palatable, succulent concentrate feed which can be fed as a complete diet for beef, finishing lambs and ewes (when appropriate minerals are added) and as a partial concentrate replacer for dairy and suckler cows. The addition of MSBF to Brewers Grains can virtually eliminate effluent when pitted correctly by capturing the goodness lost in the run-off and greatly reducing spoilage. The use of Grainbeet can thus lead to significant cost savings.

Typical Analysis (as fed)

  %DM ME MJ/kgDM CP Oil Fibre Form
Premium Pellets 89 12.5 9.2 0.4 12 8mm pellet
Bettaflow 89 12.5 8.8 0.4 14 6mm pellet
Plain 89 12.5 8.2 0.4 16.5 8mm pellet
Supaflow 89 12.5 9.2 0.8 12 6mm pellet
Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp 28 13.0 2.6 0.2 5 Moist Pulp