Stockfeed Potatoes

Stockfeed potatoes contain good energy and are an excellent source of starch. Care should be taken not to over feed as this may encourage acidosis. Small potatoes produce a risk of animals choking and it is advisable to chop them.

When feeding large quantities of potatoes to pigs it is advisable to cook them first.

Typical Nutrient Value

Dry Matter 20.00%
Protein* 11.00%
ME (MJ/kg)* 13.50
Oil B (OAH)* 5.30%
Sugar* 8.00%
Starch* 62.00%
Fibre* 4.00%
*expressed in the dry matter

Inclusions rates

Dairy up to 12.00%
Beef up to 12.00%
Pig up to 15.00%
Ewe up to 3.00%
Lamb 0.00%
expressed as % of the dietary dry matter intake