SelcoPlus is a high specification moist feed manufactured from co-products from the processing of wheat. It provides a balanced base to the diet, supporting both milk yield and quality, is a good source of quality energy and protein and can assist high yielding cows to achieve optimum health.

SelcoPlus is a highly palatable moist feed with a distinctive fresh aroma and has a golden brown colour. SelcoPlus is a flexible feed which can form part of a ration for all types of stock.

SelcoPlus is available all year round and contains a unique preservative enabling the product to be stored for longer.

Typical Nutrient Value of SelcoPlus

Dry Matter 46.0%
Crude Protein* 20%
Energy* 13.4 MJ/kg
Oil B (OAH)* 5.3%
Crude Fibre* 7.3%
Starch* 10.2%
Sugar* 7.3%
*expressed in the dry matter

Practical Feeding Guidelines

Dairy SelcoPlus can be fed up to a maximum rate of 5-8 kg/cow/day.
Beef SelcoPlus can be fed up to a maximum rate of 5-7 kg/head/day.
Sheep SelcoPlus can be fed up to a maximum rate of 1-2kg/head/day.

SelcoPlus should be fed as part of a fully balanced ration. Appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation should always be offered to complement the product.

Storage and Handling

Following delivery SelcoPlus must be left uncovered for 12-24 hours to allow any heat remaining from the manufacturing process to dissipate.  The product should then be clamped and sheeted tightly (with weights) to exclude all air. Once ensiled, SelcoPlus will store for many months.


SelcoPlus is available throughout the Midlands.