Brewers Grains

Brewers Spent Grains (Draff) is a moist by-product from the brewing industry, obtained from residues of malted and unmalted cereals and other starchy products. At the Brewery the cereal (mainly malted barley) is carefully infused with hot water (‘wet mashed’) to extract malt sugars. The liquor is drained off (wash) and then treated in various ways, depending on the end product i.e. Beer, Lager, Vinegar etc. The remaining fibrous and protein materials are mixed to produce brewers grains.

Brewers grains are high in digestible fibre and good quality protein which is quite undegradable due to the heat process in manufacture, but low in starch, and by-passes the rumen to be digested in the hind gut, leading to better utilisation of protein for improved milk/liveweight gain.

The energy from brewers grains is derived from fibre and is absorbed over a period of time (which contrasts with a sudden surge at milking time which can occur with concentrated feeds).

Brewers grains thus help promote rumen fermentation, digestion and general animal health. Brewers grains are ideal for mixing with other forage rations to stimulate dry matter intake and, as a human food by-product, offer a consistently high quality feed for dairy, beef and sheep, which is fully traceable and a highly economic and effective out of parlour replacer for concentrates. Mash Filter Grains are the same product except the malted barley is ground more finely. This actually increases the dry matter content to around 30% compared with the grains produced by the traditional process.

Typical Nutritional Value of Brewers Grains

Dry Matter % 24.00 Crude Protein %* 25.00
FME MJ/kg* 9.00 ERDP g/kg 160.00
Starch + Sugar %* 7.00 Fibre %* 17.00
Calcium %* 0.40 ME MJ/kg* 11.70
Magnesium %* 0.20 Phosphorous %* 0.50
Oil %* 7.50 Ash %* 4.00
*expressed in the dry matter