Biscuit Meal

A blend of high quality surplus food products (predominantly sugar confectionery, breakfast cereal and bakery products), which is ground and sieved to make it free flowing. It is an excellent source of energy, providing oil, processed starch and sugar. It is suitable for most classes of livestock but is particularly targeted at high yielding dairy cows (where we recommend feeding rates up to 4.0 kg per head) and beef animals (which can be fed up to 1kg per 100kg liveweight).

Typical Nutritional Value of Cressy’s Maize sugar

Dry Matter % 87.30 Crude Protein %* 10.00
Oil(A)%* 7.00 Oil(B)%* 8.00
ME MJ/kg* 14.40 Ash %* 3.00
NDF %* 17.60 Starch %* 32.50
Crude Fibre %* 5.00 Sugar %* 17.50

*expressed in the dry matter